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Johan Björklund

Gran cassa / Darbouka

Freelance musician (drums, percussion and electronics), composer, band leader, teacher and artistic coach. Born in Hedekas, Northern Bohuslän, Sweden. Living in Gothenburg since 1997.

With ongoing extensive work as a bandleader and/or a driving force for several different bands since 1999 (Mess, Johan Björklund Dynamic Flavours, Thymeshift, Thymeshift United, Parallel Activity, Yoleeyo, MIRE III, Monochromatics) Johan is regarded as a strong and sought after profile on the Nordic jazz/impro/rock/whatever music scene.

 Collaborations and work with among others:
Arve Henriksen (NO), Lisen Rylander Löve, Lina Nyberg, Hilmar Jensson (ICE), Klas-Henrik Hörngren, Maria Palmqvist, Emil Bishara (ISR), Armand van Wijck (NL), Ulf Ivarsson, Thomas Gunillasson, Zara Tellander, Johannes Lundberg, John Lönnmyr, Joona Toivanen, Anders Augustsson, Mejram, Celso Paco & Dynamo De Luxe, and many more.

 Johan has under the alter ego Disturbance released 2 solo records, Manipulated and Tribal Elektronix, both in 2019.

2023 saw the release of the third solo record Johan Björklund – ”Pjäxeröd 2.0” featuring Arve Henriksen, Thomas Markusson a.o.

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