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The Gothenburg Combo

Guitar duo

The Gothenburg Combo (David Hansson and Thomas Hansy) is the guitar duo that has toured the world and given hundreds of concerts in South America, North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand – in fact, on every continent except Antarctica!

With their critically acclaimed discs (four 5’s in a row in DN for their last four discs!) and collaborations with artists from all genres, they have made a success both internationally and nationally. In recent years they have collaborated with Terry Riley, Lina Nyberg, Pernilla August, Reine Brynolfsson and Lena Willemark.

The Gothenburg Combo, consisting of guitarists David Hansson and Thomas Hansy, has gained recognition far beyond Sweden’s borders with their outstanding musical harmony, virtuosity, and remarkably strong stage presence. They are well-known for their ability to play classical music with a pop attitude, making them one of the world’s foremost guitar duos.

Their repertoire ranges from personal interpretations of Spanish and Latin American guitar classics to their own arrangements of Bach, Debussy, Brahms, and Rossini. They also explore traditional Chinese, African, South American, and Swedish folk music, as well as showcase their own acclaimed compositions. With over 20 years of concert experience worldwide and numerous tours in South America, North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, they are considered one of Sweden’s most important ensembles today.

Their albums have received glowing reviews, and several of their albums have won awards. The Gothenburg Combo has also collaborated with other artists such as actors, writers, visual artists, video and lighting designers, DJs, and dancers.

Participated in festivals

2023 Direction 57° North, 2025 Beyond the horizon