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Jörgen Pettersson

Alto Saxophone

Jörgen Pettersson was educated at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and as the first saxophonist ever, he received the school’s soloist diploma with distinction. He also studied with Professor Jean-Marie Londeix at the National Conservatory in Bordeaux, where he received the Premier Prix.

Jörgen Pettersson is active on the international contemporary music scene. He has participated in concerts and festivals in about fifty countries, both as a soloist and in various collaborative forms. He is a driving force in the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, an ensemble known for its desire to constantly explore and push the boundaries of what is considered artistically possible. He is also a member of groups such as KammarensembleN and Ensemble Son.

Jörgen often and willingly breaks boundaries between conventional art forms and collaborates closely not only with composers but also with choreographers and writers. Through a focused and close collaboration with Swedish and international composers, he actively seeks to develop the repertoire for his instrument. This has resulted in over 800 works being dedicated to Jörgen Pettersson, including solo concerts, electroacoustic pieces, and chamber music works.

He constantly develops new techniques and playing methods, leading to unique and surprising interpretations with a strong personal expression. For this, he has received the Swedish Society of Composers’ Interpretation Prize, among other accolades. He is the initiator and festival leader for Swedish Music Spring since its revival in 2016.

Jörgen Pettersson is an honorary member of the Swedish Society of Composers (FST) and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. In 2019, he received the “Music Enabler” award, which is given to a concert organizer or producer whose efforts have been of great significance to contemporary art music. The citation read: “For committed and tireless work in the revival of the Swedish Music Spring festival.”

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