beyond the horizon

Frontside International Chamber Music Festival, inspired by Gothenburg’s maritime heritage and global connections, creates an enchanting experience that transcends time and space. With the theme “Beyond the Horizon,” the festival explores the alluring mysteries of the sea and tells stories of journeys, hope, and dreams. Through a diversity of musical genres and styles, from baroque to contemporary, we take the audience on a journey through the auditory landscapes of history and the present.


9-12 januari 2025

to join us on a
musical journey

The Frontside Festival continues to explore new places and contexts for chamber music while welcoming artists from Gothenburg and around the world. With its unique combination of tradition and innovation, the festival is a tribute to the port city of Gothenburg and its ever-evolving international history.

Rosali Grankull, a pioneering voice in experimental music, creates a unique experience with her work “Music for Silk & Strings,” where silk strings are woven together with the sound of instruments, and the audience participates in a collective creative process. The festival also collaborates with Sveriges Radio to bring Jonatan Sersam’s new work to life and offer concerts by prominent students from the Academy of Music and Drama.

The story of a city, a tribute to Gothenburg’s cultural heritage, returns in the form of a school concert that aims to reach all parts of the city. With engaging stories and music from The Gothenburg Combo and Ayla Kabaca, a magical experience is created for children and families.

beyond the horizon Frontside festival 2025

The program is under construction. Tickets will be available soon. Keep an eye out for updates.

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