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Ylvali McTigert Zilliacus

Cello / Vocals

Since 2020, Ylvali is a member of Uppsala Kammarsolister and vocal coach in Uppsala Chamber Orchestra. Prior to that, she was a member of and toured internationally with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

Ylvali has an impressive musical career spanning several prestigious ensembles and international chamber music festivals. She is a member of Uppsala Kammarsolister and has been a section leader in Uppsala Kammarorkester since 2020, after touring with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and serving as a section leader in the Musica Vitae chamber orchestra in Växjö from 2009 to 2013.

Chamber music has always been Ylvali’s passion, and she has been involved in founding several prominent ensembles such as the Lendvai String Trio and the Zilliacuskvartetten. Their performances have been acclaimed at renowned venues such as London’s Wigmore Hall and Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw.

Ylvali’s solo engagements include performances with various orchestras and ensembles, where she has made significant interpretations of works by composers such as Max Bruch, Sally Beamish, and Lera Auerbach. She has also participated in international chamber music festivals around the world, from Switzerland to Brazil.

Ylvali has studied with prominent musicians such as Simon Rowland-Jones, Tabea Zimmermann, and David Takeno in London and Berlin. Additionally, she has participated in the Prussia Cove International Chamber Music Seminar with Steven Isserlis as the main teacher.

In addition to her musical work, Ylvali is involved in conveying and discussing music by writing and delivering concert introductions at various events and at Uppsala Senioruniversitet.

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