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Cecilia Zilliacus


Over the years, audiences have embraced Cecilia Zilliacus’ equally tantalizing and warm interpretations of everything from the great classical and romantic works to contemporary chamber music and collaborations across genres – from the most prominent symphony orchestras, conductors and composers in Europe, to jazz musicians, folk musicians, singer-song writers and many others.

Cecilia is extremely musical and living proof that it´s always possible to pursue unusual ideas” The Strad, 2018

Exchanges with fellow musicians and communication with the audience are catchwords in the projects she pursues or initiates.

”I want to dwell in contexts where the point is that it´s me who´s bringing my distinctiveness to the table – just as the other musicians are bringing theirs – and that our work together becomes more than the sum of the individual parts”

Cecilia Zilliacus’ efforts to draw attention to lesser-known composers, both male and female, have led to a very broad repertoire. She often greets her audiences with compositions written specifically for her.

She collaborates regularly with internationally active musicians, composers and conductors and has recorded a number of acclaimed recordings, several of which have been rewarded with ”Grammis”. As a soloist, she has performed with most Swedish, as well as many Nordic and European symphony orchestras.

Cecilia Zilliacus is the artistic director of Katrina Chamber Music on Åland as well as of the Korsholm Music Festival in Vaasa, Finland. She is also a driving force in the Swedish string trio ZilliacusPerssonRaitinen which has been awarded a number of prizes. The trio are artistic directors of the Stockholm Concert Hall’s chamber music series, ”Äntligen måndag” (Monday, at last).

Zilliacus’ leadership is characterized by an open and spirited inducement to creative processes. She has played a large role in the inflow of Nordic and European composers and artists to Stockholm and Finland.

Cecilia Zilliacus received her education in Stockholm, Sweden and in Cologne, Germany. She is a professor of violin at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Her violin of many years is a Nicola Gagliano from the Järnåker Foundation.

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