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Abraham Cupeiro


Abraham Cupeiro is a skilled instrument maker and multi-instrumentalist, known for recreating instruments that disappeared long ago and playing them to create new sounds and use them in pieces far from their natural repertoire.

Cupeiro graduated from the Real Conservatorio Superior de Madrid as a trumpeter and continued his studies in Barcelona, completing a master’s degree in early music interpretation.

Despite his training as a classical music interpreter, he has always been drawn to music of all kinds. Therefore, he began early on to join various folk and jazz bands, as well as several early music ensembles.

Cupeiro stands out as one of the few people in the world who plays the Carnyx (a Celtic trumpet from the Iron Age) and was recently invited to play the Carnyx from Tintinac, the only one found intact in 2004.

Abraham is also an ambassador for an ancient Galician instrument called the “corna” (cow horn). His own grandfather used to play this traditional instrument, which can be traced back to illustrations in the books of Alfonso X of Castile.

A genuine passion for instruments and organology led him to compile a collection of over 200 pieces from different eras and cultures. Under the name “Ringing in the Past,” Cupeiro presents a self-composed monologue concert.

Abraham continues to discover and build instruments and plays all kinds of music on them in collaboration with many different ensembles. Some of these experiments can be found on “Compromiscuo,” a CD released with the Belarusian accordionist Vadzim Yukhnevich. The Carnyx features prominently in “Concierto Misterio” by Wladimir Rosinsky. The work premiered with the Galician Symphony Orchestra, and the Carnyx part was tailor-made to highlight Cupeiro’s particular skills on the instrument.

“Os sons esquecidos” (Forgotten Sounds) is a highly personal project recorded with the Philharmonia de Galicia and released in 2018 by Warner Classics. The project has been performed with orchestras in Spain and Finland.

In November 2019, Abraham recorded a new self-composed program: PANGEA, with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London at Abbey Road Studios.

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