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“De voz aceitunada” for flute, viola, guitar

Francisco Coll

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On the 2022 Festival with the theme ”Souterly Winds” there where two premiere performances by Spanish composers Francisco Coll and Manuel Martinez-Burgos.

The piece “De voz aceitunada” (Of olive-toned voice) by Francesco Coll (*1985) had it’s premiere performance on the opening concert, January 14 2022 with the musicians Julia Crowell, Vicky Powell and Jacob Kellermann. The inspiration to the composition is Federico Garcia Lorcas poem ”Ode to Salvador Dali”.

The guitarist Jonathan Kellerman, who knows the composer Francisco Coll, shared this before the premiere:

“When I saw that it was him, I called him up and said: Well, maybe it could be possible to do this, could you send the score? He became very happy because he had withdrawn the piece since he was not satisfied with the work he had written. He said -Then we’ll make a completely new version of this piece for guitar, flute and viola, and then I’ll remove the old one. He didn’t think the harp worked. And besides, he added a new movement.

The Voice of the Olives is about Salvador Dali’s voice. It’s from a poem by Lorca, which is a kind of declaration of love to Salvador Dali. Lorca was apparently deeply in love with Dali for many years. It is said that they possibly had an affair, but of course, one does not know. It was incredibly explicit during this time to write such a poem to another man.”

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