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Leilei Tian


The Chinese composer Leilei Tian (born in 1971) is trained in Beijing and under Ole Lützow-Holm in Gothenburg.

In Leilei Tian’s music, she successfully integrates those seemingly opposite aspects into a harmonic unity. There is no more conflict between tradition and modernity, occident and orient, masculine and feminine, drama and poetry, imagery and abstraction.

For her, musical creation is not just a composition of sounds with various techniques, nor a mere esthetical product of a particular culture, but far beyond is the intuitive manifestation of one’s inner experience and content, namely one’s profound philosophical and spiritual expression that is universal and timeless in nature. Her pursuit for transcendental spirituality is the essential source that provides her inspiration, creativity, dynamic and meaning to her artistic works.

At the family concert during Frontside 2020, her piece “The butter thief” for violin and marimba was premiered by Duo Granmo-Berg.

During the opening concert, Leilei Tian’s composition “Never Ending Journey” for cello and percussion was performed by UmeDuo.

Participated in festivals

2020 To the East