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Rosali Grankull


Rosali Grankull (born 1984) is a composer and musician based in Gothenburg, who works with acoustic instruments, objects, literature, microphones, and people.

In her work, she seeks a thin line of instability to enable unexpected questions and perspectives in music. She is interested in the qualities and stories of sounds, recognizing that each sound originates from an event/movement. The interaction between the score and the tactile experience of physical materials is an important aspect, allowing the score and the instruments/objects to engage in dialogue and collaborate in the search for a piece’s identity.

She is eager to participate in various collaborations with other artistic disciplines – in an attempt to expand where and how a musical situation can arise. Rosali has composed music for wind and symphony orchestras, chamber music ensembles, theater, dance, and choirs, created sound installations, and collaborated with textile artists, choreographers, ceramicists, etc. She works both nationally and internationally.

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