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Frontside for violin, clarinet and marimba

Daniel Berg

performing musicians

In Daniel Berg’s own words:

Together with clarinet player Karin Dornbusch and violin player Tobias Granmo I formed the chamber music festival Frontside some years ago. As a trio, we were asked for touring in the countryside with a mission to find new listeners for classical music. For that tour I got the idea for a piece with strong energy, romantic harmonies and the joy of playing chamber music – a FRONTSIDE for violin, clarinet, and marimba!

The premiere in this constellation took place during the festival in 2021 at Älvsborg Church, and the piece was also performed at the festival in 2023 at Kronhuset, where it was also recorded by Sveriges Radio P2.

But before the premiere at the festival in 2021, a version titled “Frontside for violin, sheng, and marimba” was performed when Frontside Visits performed in Koster and Lerum in October 2020. The musicians who performed the piece then were Tobias Granmo, Wu Wei, and Daniel Berg.

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