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Der Weg

Klaus Hinrich Stahmer

performing musicians

Der Weg (The Path) for sheng (Chinese mouth organ), clarinet, and cello is a trio in three movements.

At Frontside 2020, this piece was premiered at the afternoon concert “Lotusdoft” (Lotus Scent) on Saturday, January 18. The premiere musicians were Wu Wei, Karin Dornbusch, and Karolina Öhman.

The Chinese character 道 (Dao) cannot be translated because it denotes something that cannot be conceptualized. In the Western world, a meaning derived from Confucianism has prevailed, where Dao is described as “the way.” On the sacred mountain Huang Shan in China, the visitor encounters a crossroads that bewilders them: the path leads nowhere, and the view leads nowhere.

The music piece is somewhat of a travelogue of this path in sound. Sometimes visions of destinations acoustically come within reach, visions of time standing still. The players can only embark on and complete this journey into the unknown in a state of extreme wakefulness.

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